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Perfumer's Organ: Benchtop Laboratory

Perfumer's Organ and Benchtop Laboratory
Perfumers Organ Lab Open
Perfumers Organ Lab one door open
Perfumers Organ Lab closed
Perfumers Organ Lab stocked

Perfumer's Organ Benchtop Laboratory (2015)

Materials: Cedar: Basswood: MDF
Size (Closed):
495 mm (19.5 inches) H, 440 mm (17.3 inchesW, 200mm ( 7.8 inches) Depth
Size (Open):
495 mm (19.5 inches) H, 862 mm (33.9 inches) W,

Not a perfumer's organ in the traditional sense but more of a practical workstation for natural perfumery.

Constructed from recycled wooden shutters. Very little sanding or refinishing of the original materials lends this cabinet a somewhat provincial and vintage quality, reminiscent of old Victorian apothecary cases.

Capable of holding up to 90, 10ml vials in the door panels. The central area holds most of the essential equipment required to explore study and create natural perfumes.

A production version of this workstaion is currently on the drawing board and may be avalable within a few months. The estimated price will be somewhere in the ballpark of twelve to sixteen hundred dollars AUD.

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